Summer Citrus - Bath & Body Set
Effervesce. Its Just Bubbles

Summer Citrus - Bath & Body Set

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Full Eco-Luxury Pleasure 

A Bath & Body Set that covers every aspect of a magically delicious self care routine. 

It’s your time for a Summer Refresher! 

Indulge in a 2 Month Supply of Pleasurable Sensations.

This Organic Set Includes:

  1. All Over Soap - Big Bubble Coconut Oil & Shea Butter Soap.
    Creamily cooked with Oat Milk.
  2. Sugar Scrub - A 100% edible vegan exfoliate for Lips, Face, Scalp, and Body.
  3. Bubble Butter Bath Bomb - Cocoa & Shea Butter provide a moisture dense soak while you enjoy up to 2 hours of a frothy Bubble Bath.
  4. All Over Butter - One classy and convenient glass jar for all of your body’s nourishment needs. Moisturize, condition, and protect your lips, face, scalp, hair, and skin with a 100% natural ingredients.
  5. Bee-Pure Aromatherapy Candle - An air and spirit purifying beeswax candle with essential oils and a clean burning Hemp Wick. (Massage candle in Lemongrass Flavor)

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