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Bath Time Accessory Set

Bath Time Accessory Set

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Longer Lasting Soaps, Classic Woodsy Decor,  Natural Fibers

Cedar Wood Soap Saver 

Did you know that although soaps are made to be wet, moisture is a long lasting soap's worst enemy? Ever place your soap on the porcelain holder in the shower only to return the next day to a sad gooey mess?
This all natural Cedar Wood Soap Saver will make your bar soaps last up to 5 times longer and be a beautiful addition to your bathroom. The holes provide ventilation to drain and quickly dry your bar soap.
Don't waste money on those cheap  bamboo or pine wooden soap holders that will rapidly develop green mold once wet. This Cedar Wood saver will stay lovely on your counter or in the shower for months between touch ups.


Soap Saver Bag - Sisal & Cotton Pouch 

Prolong Soap Life - Gently Exfoliate - Bigger Bubbles!
Made of Cotton and natural fibers from the Sisal (Agave) plant, these soap bags are a must have for your cleansing ritual. The material is rich, soft, and polishes the skin. You'll never go back to those synthetic plastic scrubbies. 

Veggie Loofah

Did you know that Loofahs are actually a vegetable that grows on vines?!
These natural fibers are flexible & durable.
They exfoliate & polish, stimulating the surface of the skin & leaving it looking sparkly fresh.
Hang by the 100% Cotton rope for easy access.
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Customer Reviews

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High Quality!

I love the Soap Bag! It feels so rich and soothing on my skin and makes big bubbles out of my soap.
The loofah is gently exfoliating and the Wood Soap Savers are so pretty.