October Virtual Sessions - As it All Falls - FREE TRIAL!

October Virtual Sessions - As it All Falls - FREE TRIAL!

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Fall Series

Chapter 2: October

As it All Falls

It’s been quite a year thus far.
Leaves that were once green, then all the colors of autumn, are now brown and falling around us in ceremonial fashion.
Some people zealously jump and frolic through the mounds of foliage, while others sigh at the inconvenience of it all.

A new season is inevitably upon us. What approach will you choose?

As it all falls around us, it's time to shed what’s no longer serving us.
Join us as we dance in the wind, carried through the ever shifting journey of change, choice, and creation.

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Hosted by:

Ms. Bubbles of Effervesce

Whitney Bell - Drama Therapist, MA


Our 40 minute sessions will include:


Spa Experiences:

Herbal Tea

Facial Steams and Masks

Foot Detox

Self Massage with Butters

Guided Movement & Meditations:

Replenish and Balance Energy (chi)

Qigong: Traditional Chinese Medicine 

Practice with gentle movements and breathwork.

Group Activities:

Connect, Express, and Reflect

Access your spontaneity  


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Worried you won't make it on time to the Zooms? Don't!

Members will also have access to the recordings and the Spa Members Private Facebook Group, however, these live events are not something you want to miss!

Want the Seasonal Spa Box that we'll be using in our sessions? 

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