Spa Box: As it All Falls

Spa Box: As it All Falls

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As It All Falls

What's in the Spa Box: 

‣ All Over Butter 2 oz
‣ Autumn Spice Lotion Candle 1 oz
 Herbal Tea : Sacred Intimate Blend 1 oz
‣ Reusable Cotton Tea Bag x2



All Over Butter

Moisturize, Renew, Protect 

Jump out of the shower and rub it all over your Face, Lips, Hair and Body! 

Tired of trying to keep up with a billion products in your beauty routine?

This is your one-step solution to complete moisture.

With all natural, non-to-low comedogenic ingredients that have humectant, emollient, and occlusive properties, this butter does it all!


All Over Detox : Power Paste

Use as a Detoxing Face, Body, & Hair Mask & daily Toothpaste. 

PowerPaste has all the powerful and effective properties for a brighthealthy smile, skin, and hair using none of those toxic fillers.


Lotion Candle

Want fresher, cleaner air in your home?

 100% Paraben Free

Purifies the Air

No smoke / soot

Incredibly Long Lasting

Promotes feelings of well being

Essential Oil aromatherapy benefits of your choice

We have researched and sourced delicate, soothing, restorative, food grade herbs that are Yoni safe.

Use as a tea, tea bath, respiratory, facial or yoni steam.

If you want to use your box while attending our  *Zoom Sessions click HERE*.


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