Comfort: Brought To You By Arnica

Comfort: Brought To You By Arnica

Let’s get to know arnica – what is this flower and why is everyone in the Effervesce community so excited about it?

Arnica is a plant that survives well through cold winters to bloom daisy-like flowers each new growing season. When applied externally, these flowers promote the growth and regeneration of soft tissues such as muscles and blood vessels. We recommend the use of arnica for anybody with daily aches and pains relating to aging, athletics, parenthood, or general having of a body.

There are many species of arnica that may be used for healthful benefits. The one we use at Effervesce is perhaps the most commonly known type, called Arnica montana. Whatever way you select for enjoying the benefits of this flower, take care not to apply arnica to broken skin or open wounds. You may consider avoiding arnica if you have known sensitivities to plants in the sunflower family, as arnica falls under this category. 

Right now, Effervesce has three simple ways to connect with the power of this herb in your own personal care routines. Use Comfort Cream to cover large areas, plus it doubles as a moisturizer! Relief Rub offers a more targeted relief and is recommended for smaller areas, and can be paired with Comfort Cream for an even more concentrated effect. For folks with a bathtub and the desire to apply comfort all over, we made our arnica formula into a bath bomb, that you may soak to your heart’s content. 

Heard enough of the spirit of arnica calling out to your aches and pains? We’ve got you covered! Click here to find our pre-made sets designed to bring you the best value on our full line of arnica goodness. 




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