Meet Us

Who are we?

We are a brand that supports health and wellness by providing our community with both products and services.

We handcraft household and cosmetic products that are made with 100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients and are carefully formulated to be safe for all family members and sensitivities. We are plastic, synthetic, preservative, and cruelty free.

We host weekly self care events, including our Virtual Spa Saturdays, and share wellness information and practices on our website and social media.

Our goal is to support each individual in our community in reaching their full potential for wellness by making “clean living” easy and affordable.


 "When I take a bath and soap drips down into my mouth I want to think, 'Oh, wow, that’s good ol' avocado, peppermint, and coconut', and I’d like my family to have the same experience. Questioning what toxins have just entered into my bloodstream is NOT what bath-time is about. Bath-time is one of the most intimate moments one has with oneself. It is a time where I want to confidently melt into myself and let the steam consume me. Not a thought in mind, other than 'mmm'."

- Ms. Bubbles



Let's regain confidence in our ability to achieve a healthier state of living for ourselves, our loved ones, and our planet. 


 Goal: To stimulate physical and mental wellness by empowering our community to take active steps towards a balanced immune system and ecosystem.


Effervesce is here to help make it EASY and AFFORDABLE to integrate nature based self care into your life!



"First, do no harm".

Let's avoid unnecessary stressors like toxic environments, foods, and products in our homes. Instead, let's surround ourselves with nurturing elements that support healing.



Ms. Bubbles is a nature, science, and food enthusiast who began college on an honors chemistry scholarship then embarked a 9 year career in the food industry where she was licensed to oversee and uphold Food and Safety Standards in New York City and California. She has always been a caretaker and holds a deep passion for creating healthier alternatives for her family and community. In 2020, she began developing a trustworthy brand to enlighten, provide for, and support wellness for all.


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Take care and be well!