Cosmetic Ingredients

What goes onto your body absorbs into your body.

Benefits of our Ingredients:

 A way the world should cleanse and moisturize, with nature's gifts. 

Coconut Oil: Base Cleanser + Skin Softener + Antioxidant

Its richness in fatty acids and antioxidants aids in skin imperfections, oral health, and moisture.

Found in 

Bar Soap, Sugar Scrubs, Power Paste, Deodorant, Lip Balm, Beeswax Candle, Spa Salts, Household, Hair Care


Raw Organic Unrefined Shea Butter: Skin Softener 

Shea Butter is antimicrobial, has natural SPF properties, does not clog pores or feel greasy because it seeps into your skin and provides a moisture protecting barrier.

Found in 

All Over Butter, All Over Cream, Comfort Cream, Bar Soap, Deodorant, Bath Salt, Hair Care, Dog Shampoo, Salve, Face Masks

Ethically Sourced Beeswax: Detoxifier + Skin Softener

Beeswax is an antibacterial agent that helps soften skin and fight stretch marks and sensitive skin conditions. May also be beneficial for migraines and blood pressure. It helps recipes to stay in its solid form and doesn't clog pores.

Found in

Candle, All Over Butter, Lip Balm, Salve, Bar Soap, Hair Care, Deodorant

Organic Matcha: Flavor + Natural Colorant + Antioxidant

A powerful antioxidant, known to reduce acne and increase the skin's elasticity. It has high levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is helpful in reducing inflammation and evening skin tone. Also, it is antibacterial and has tons of vitamin E which can help increase stimulation to the skin and scalp, this aids in healing and growth. 

Found in

Lip Balm, Loofah Soap, Face Mask

Cocoa Powder: Natural colorant + Flavor + Antioxidant 

Cocoa Powder has high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps repair and protect from aging skin and reduce blemishing. 

Found in 

Lip Balm & Face Mask

Coffee: Exfoliant + Scent *

Coffee increases blood circulation aiding cell turnover, therefore, evening skin tone while calming irritation.

Found in

Bar Soap 

Arrowroot Powder: Binding Base *

A more delicate substitute for cornstarch. It absorbs moisture.

Found in

Clay Powder & Face Mask 

Bentonite Clay: Detoxifier

A mildly abrasive antibacterial and antimicrobial (kills viruses) agent that has minerals that promote healthy teeth, gums, and help alkalize the mouth and body. It is detoxifying because it has charged particles that bind to uninvited bacteria and make them wash away when you rinse, making it a gentle yet deep cleanser.

Found in

Deodorant, Power Paste, Dog Power Paste, Clay Powder, Face Mask

Hemp Seed Oil: Skin Softener + Cleanser + Oral Health 

An extremely gentle oil, high in vitamin E, omega fatty acids, non comedogenic, and soothing effects! It is pH balanced and has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antioxidant, and antifungal properties making it great to help promote healthy enamel and fight bad breath. Also aids in fighting dandruff. You may be wondering.... no! IT WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH! Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds and has no THC (a psychoactive ingredient). 

Found in 

All Over Cream, Power Paste, Salve, Pomade, Comfort Cream, Deodorant, Dog Shampoo, Bar Soap, Clay Powder

*Hemp Seed Oil (Herbally Infused)

Herbal Infusion: Chamomile, Calendula, Rose, Rosemary, Plantain Leaf

Xylitol: Oral Health + Exfoliant *

A naturally occurring substance sourced from plant materials that is commonly used as a sugar substitute (w/ no aftertaste like stevia!). It boosts oral health by minimizing the stickiness of plaque, neutralizing acid, therefore, preventing tooth decay, and rebalancing the PH of saliva. It is also a natural antibacterial so it aids in fighting acne and bad breath.

*** Toxic to Dogs and Cats even in tiny amounts ***

Found in 

Power Paste

Diatomaceous Earth Clay (DE): Detoxifier + Oral Health

A natural clay formed from freshwater algae fossils. Enhancing effectiveness of toothpaste by its abrasive antibacterial nature, quickly removing plaque and tartar while also aiding in whitening. It has silica that boosts the regeneration of collagen, eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fights free radicals in the bloodstream- to hinder premature aging, and boosts liver health.

Found in

Power Paste, Dog Power Paste, Deodorant

Vitamin/ Mineral Dead Sea Salt: Detoxifier + Oral Health

Sea Salt has antibacterial and acid-neutralizing properties, making it great at combating bacteria leading to bad breath, gum disease, or skin conditions. Known for its healing properties that will boost skin health.

Found in

Bath Bomb, Bath Salt, Power Paste

Peppermint Essential Oil: Scent + Detoxifier + Flavor

Peppermint EO is especially effective at killing bacteria that enjoy low-oxygen environments, therefore form in the mouth. Dead bacteria means goodbye stinky breath. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, making it effective at fighting gingivitis, reducing plaque, healing acne, and soothing skin irritation.

Found in

Power Paste, Dog Power Paste, Tea, Face Soap, Chebe Shampoo, Hair Care, All Over Butter, Comfort Cream, Shower Steamer, Lip Balm, Face Mask

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Scent 

This healing essential oil is most commonly recognized as the smell in Vicks. It is an anti-inflammatory germicide that helps soothe irritated gums, prevents tooth decay, cavities, cleanses pores, and calms irritated skin/scalp.

Found in

Bath Bomb, Bar Soap, Hair Care, All Over Butter, Shower Steamers, Sugar Scrub, Beeswax Candle

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Scent (Cymbopogon Flexuosus)

Lemongrass EO naturally contains aldehydes which can benefit in repelling insects, toning/ purifying skin, and soothing when used aromatically. Its purifying properties leave skin feeling detoxified and clear. Generally safe and soothing for irritated or sensitive skin.

Found in 

All Over Butter, Bath Bomb, Sugar Scrub, Beeswax Candle, Bar Soap, Deodorant, Household 

Orange Essential Oil: Scent + Antioxidant (Citrus Sinensis)

With antibacterial and cleansing properties it is known to improve texture and clarity of skin by stimulating microstimulation. Using this EO aromatically will uplift and rejuvenate senses. 

Found in 

All Over Butter, Bath Bomb, Sugar Scrub, Beeswax Candle, Bar Soap, Face Mask, Shower Steamers, Deodorant

Lavender Essential Oil: Scent (Lavendula Officinalis)

An essential oil that has multiple benefits from calming anxiety and positively affecting sleep to being used for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory results. This oil will also soothe skin irritations. 

Found in

All Over Butter, Bar Soap, Shower Steamers, Bath Bomb, Bath Salt, Sugar Scrub, Beeswax Candle, Chebe Soap, Deodorant

Rosemary Essential Oil: Scent (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

The latin name Rosmarinus is also known as “dew of the sea”. Topical use of this product has shown an increase in blood circulation resulting in pain relieving properties. Also beneficial in healing acne and oil prone skin. 

Found in

Hair Care, Bar Soap, All Over Butter, Shower Steamers, Milk Bath/ Salt, Sugar scrub, Bath Bomb, Dog Bath Bomb, Dog Shampoo, Salve, Tea, Clay Powder, All Over Cream, Pomade, Deodorant

Rose Essential Oil: Scent (Rosa Damascena)

W/ distillates of neroli, primrose, and geranium

The aroma of rose gives easy and uplifting qualities. This familiar flower is known as a symbol of beauty, and also holds potent herbal powers. Believed to alleviate irritability, exhaustion, and feelings of gloom. When used topically, rose, promotes healthy looking skin. 

Found in

All Over Butter, Sugar Scrub, Candle, Bath Salt, Bath bomb, Bar Soap, Face Mask, Lip Balm 

Tea Tree Essential Oil: Scent (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

Tea tree oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial making it popular for acne treatment and skin irritations. Aromatically known for reducing stress and increasing sleep quality. 

Found in

Shower Steamers, Bar Soap, Hair Care, Face Mask, All Over Butter, All Over CreamDeodorant

Cedarwood Essential Oil: Scent (Cedrus Altantica)

A warm, woody, balsamic scent great for creating a relaxing environment to clear the mind and aid in restorative sleep. The antiseptic properties in the EO aids in skin irritations and acne prone skin. 

Found in

Pomade, Shower Steamers, All Over Butter

Pine Essential Oil: Scent (Pinus Sylvestris)

Pine oil is known to fight infections when inhaled and soothing itchy skin when applied topically.  

Found in

All Over Butter, Bee-Pure Candle

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil: Scent (Cinnamomum Verum)

An oil that is essential for oily prone skin and oral health because of its powerful antiseptic property. When inhaled it may aid in mental capacity and reduce headaches.

Found in

Power Paste, Lip Balm, Bee-Pure Candle, Deodorant

Clove Essential Oil: Scent (Syzgium Aromaticum)

The eugenol extracted from cloves is well known for its oral health benefits in fighting toothache. For hair, it can be beneficial in increasing blood circulation in the scalp and stimulating hair follicles. 

Found in 

Power Paste, Chebe Soap, Lip Balm, Deodorant

Clary Sage Essential Oil: Scent (Salvia Sclarea)

This EO may aid in regulating and balancing the production of natural skin oils, while also toning. Inhaling this soft + earthy + herbaceous scent promotes tranquility of mind and balance of spirit. 

Found in 

Bath Salt, Chebe Soap


Unrefined Grapeseed Oil: Skin Softener + Detoxifier (Vitis Vinifera)

No greasy residue is associated with this oil and it is a result of the wine-making industry! Rich in vitamin E & omega fatty acids, that are important for the skin and cell membranes. This lightweight + fully absorbent oil is also great for oily prone skin. 

Found in 

All Over Butter, Bath Salt, Bar Soap, Face Mask

Avocado Oil: Antioxidant + Skin Softener

Rich in beta-carotene, lecithin, fatty acids, and vitamins A, D, & E. May help protect skin from UV rays + increase collagen metabolism + soothe skin irritations. 

Found in

All Over Butter, Chebe Soap

Castor Oil: Cleanser + Skin Softener 

A natural remedy for dry skin because of triglyceride fatty acids. A wonderful humectant with anti-inflammatory benefits when used topically. May also aid with clogged pores when used in soaps and cleansers. 

Found in 

All Over Butter, Pomade, Comfort Cream, Sugar Scrub, Dog Shampoo, Bar Soap, Chebe Soap, Face Mask 

Safflower Oil: Antioxidant + Detoxifier

A non comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog pores. This oil also has anti-inflammatory properties which help with acne and oily prone skin. May also aid in cell growth + protection + skin ailments.

Found in 

Face Mask

Activated Coconut Charcoal: Detoxifier + Natural Colorant + Oral Health

Made by burning coconut husks at a very high heat then activating charcoal by furnace at high temperatures. Penetrates deep and binds to impurities and washes them away. This effectively unclogs pores. It can also help brighten + even skin tone. 

Found in 

Bar Soap, Face Mask, Power Paste

Rosehip Seed Oil: Skin Softener

Contains carotenoids, which help rejuvenate skin by helping create new skin cells. High in vitamin F, which is known to trap moisture and protect against skin damage. 

Found in 

Face Mask, Bar Soap

Vegetable Glycerin: Skin Softener + Flavor 

A natural preservative that can moisturize skin + improve texture + protect skin from ailments. Naturally derived from plants. 

Found in

All Over Butter, Sugar Scrub, Bar Soap, Chebe Shampoo

Jojoba Wax/Oil: Antioxidant + Skin Softener + Cleanser

This oil is rich in vitamins A, E, and D + antioxidants + fatty acids. It is similar to the skin's own sebum at a pH of 4.5 making it capable of assisting with any skin condition, from sensitive and dry to oily and acne prone. Jojoba is also naturally antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

Found in 

Face Mask, All Over Cream, Pomade, Bar Soap, Hair Care

Kaolin Clay: Skin Softener + Cleanser + Oral Health + Exfoliator

Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Naturally binds to and extracts impurities from the surface of skin and for oral health. It will not affect natural oil levels but can control excess sebum production on the surface of skin.  

Found in 

All Over Cream, Power Paste, Dog Power Paste, Bar Soap, Clay Powder, Chebe Shampoo, Face Mask


Chamomile Flowers: Calming for rashes and redness & soothing to sensitive skin.

Calendula: (Calendula Officinalis) Commonly used for wounds + rashes + infections + irritations.

Rose Petals: Leads to a relaxing effect, by lowering stress levels + stimulating sleep.

Rosemary: May help treat indigestion + lower blood sugar + fight infection. 

Plantain Leaf: Specifically known for calming stomach inflammation and supportive for restoration of damaged mucosa when ingested. Known for its first aid properties when applied topically. 

Lavender Buds: Contains multiple benefits from calming anxiety and positively affecting sleep to being used for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory results. This may also help with skin irritations. 

Herbaceous Blend

White Willow Bark: This bark contains a chemical called salicin, which acts similar to aspirin. Commonly used for the common cold + body aches. 

Jasmine Buds: Rich in antioxidants and beneficial for overall health. 

Peppermint Leaf: When taken orally it will refresh breath and lead to fighting gingivitis and better overall oral health. 

Oregano: An ingredient high in medicinal purposes, specifically, cough + sore throat + nausea. 

Epsom Salt: Detoxifier 

Magnesium and sulfate are drawn into water as it dissolves. Commonly useful for inflammation + muscle pain + stress relief. 

Found in
Bath Salt, Bath Bomb, Milk Bath

Coconut Milk Powder: Base Cleanser + Scent + Skin Softener

Full of vitamins C, E, and B. Minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and potassium can also be found in this milk! Found to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Found in 

Bar Soap, Hair Care, Face Mask, Milk Bath, Sugar Scrub

Citric Acid: Exfoliant 

Works by evening skin tone + cleaning pores + smoothing skin. 

Found in 

Vegan Milk Bath, Bath Salt, Shower Steamers, Bath Bomb, Dog Bath Bomb


This powerfully supportive flower is in the Sunflower family and has been used for centuries to relieve the body from trauma. Historically, it's been used to reduce the appearance of bruising and swelling.

Found in 

Comfort Cream

Cramp Bark: 

This flowering shrub is named for its specialty: cramps! It's used to relieve menstrual and muscle cramping.

Found in 

Comfort Cream

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA): Base Cleanser

Used to create safe and effective soap. This product creates the bubbles without harming your skin, unlike the commonly used SLS. 

Found in 

Bath Bomb & Bath Salt

Cocoa Butter: Skin Softener 

An excellent source of vitamin E, this ingredient helps with supporting vision + reproduction + brain + skin + blood. High in fatty acids leading to moisturized, comfortable skin. 

Found in 

Chebe Shampoo, Bath Salt, Lip Balm

Aloe Vera: Cleanser + Skin Softener 

This ingredient helps to soothe those unwanted skin ailments, like sunburns + dryness + itchy rashes + psoriasis.

Found in 

Bar Soap, Chebe Shampoo, Bath Salt, Dog Bath Bomb, Dog Shampoo Bar

Corn Starch: Hardener 


Rich in vitamins and minerals that stimulate the regeneration of healthy skin cells. Beneficial for a sizzling component in our bombs. 

Found in 

Dog Bath Bomb & Shower Steamers

Witch Hazel: Cleanser


Contains no alcohol and commonly used to relieve itching, burning, and irritation. 

Found in 

Shower Steamers

Mica Powder: Natural Colorant 

Safe for use on almost all skin types, even when used topically, except for people with sensitive skin! 

Found in 

Bath Bomb, Bee-Pure Candle, Shower Steamers 

Granulated Sugar: Exfoliator

A mild exfoliation that will never leave you feeling microtears in skin opposed to the commonly used, salt scrubs.

Found in 

Sugar Scrub, Sugar Wax

Hibiscus: Natural Colorant

A natural tint, rich in antioxidants and found to slow aging when applied. 

Found in 

Lip Balm 

Alkanet Root: Natural Colorant

A natural, herbal solution to a tinted lip balm.

Found in 

Lip Balm 

Apple Cider Vinegar: Detoxifier + Cleanser

Powerful antimicrobial benefits great for skin infections and soothing irritations. 

Found in 

Dog Bath Bomb

Olive Oil: Skin Softener + Antioxidant (Olea Europaea or Sodium Olivate)

Will fight oxidation, which produces free radicals that damage healthy cells and leads to restoring anti aging properties. May also act as a skin barrier to increase an even skin tone. 

Found in 

Dog Shampoo & Bar Soap

Lye: Saponification (Potassium Hydroxide)

An essential part of creating a salt we call soap. Lye is combined with oils to create the saponification process. The end result contains no lye and instead a hardened bar of soap!

Found in 

Bar Soap, Dog Shampoo Bar, Chebe Shampoo

Chebe: Cleanser

Chebe powder is a mix of Shébé seeds from the croton zambesicus plant. It traps moisture into the hair strands and prevents breakage. Rich in oleic acid, monounsaturated fats, and is antimicrobial.

Found in

Chebe Shampoo

Raw Organic Honey: Exfoliant + Skin Softener

Honey imparts its anti-inflammatory emollient and humectant properties which increase the water content and reduce dryness in the skin even after it's been washed off. Known for gentle exfoliation, evening skin texture & tone, and maintaining bacteria.  

Found in 

Bar Soap, Face Mask

Moroccan Red Lava Clay: Detoxifying + Natural Colorant 

A clay that may aid in numerous powerful purifying properties. Known for purifying, exfoliating, and reducing oil from the skin. A simple earthly component that has been revered for ages.

Found in 

Face Mask, Bar Soap

Borax: Base Cleanser

Commonly used to rid clothes and surfaces of bacteria + dead skin cells + excess oils. 

Found in 

Power Liquid Cleaner, Power Powder

Washing Soda: Base Cleanser

Great for use on greasy residues + stains + soap scum. Useful for cleaning purposes only. 

Found in 

Power Liquid Cleaner, Power Powder




Food Products


Vanilla Extract:

Neutralizes free radicals and halts premature aging. 

Found in 

Face Mask

Peanut Butter: Flavor + Scent

A savory flavor, safe for ingestion. 

Found in 

Dog Power Paste

Ground Cinnamon: Flavor + Antioxidant 

Helps by benefiting blood circulation and overall digestion. 

Found in 

Dog Power Paste, Lip Balm, Bee-Pure Candle, Power Paste

Oatmeal: Exfoliator (Avena Sativa)

Contains saponins that are helpful in exfoliating. This ingredient will help to clear dirt and oil from pores. 

Found in 

Bar SoapDog Bath Bomb, Dog Shampoo Bar

Oat Milk: Base Cleanser + Skin Softener

A vegan, sensitive skin friendly ingredient. Also known to hydrate skin + reduce inflammation + gently cleanse. 

Found in 

Bar Soap

Baking Soda: Detoxifier

May aid in boosting immunity and purifying the body. Can be helpful in treating yeast infections, diaper rash, eczema, psoriasis, chickenpox, and UTI’s.  

Found in 

Vegan Milk Bath, Bath Salt, Deodorant, Shower Steamers, Bath Bomb, Dog Bath Bomb

Turmeric: Natural Colorant + Antioxidant

Great at supporting a brighter appearance of the skin and teeth. Commonly used as a digestive healing agent. Circumin, a bioactive component readily found in turmeric, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties beneficial in natural glows and healing wounds like acne or psoriasis.

Found in 

Soap Bar, Face Mask, Power Paste

Lemon Juice: 

Contains vitamin C and an antioxidant. Helpful for skin repair and preventing premature aging. 

Found in 

Sugar Wax




Harmful Ingredients in most Soap

Are you still using a generic soap from big-brands such as Dove or Irish Spring? Would you know what the ingredients are even if they told you? The vast majority of people say no.

Most soaps are jam packed with synthetic, lab engineered chemicals made to make the most profit at the expense of our bodies. We are constantly bombarding our immune system with these unnatural chemicals.

The problem with the ______ in your soap:


cow fat

You will commonly see the word tallow in soap ingredient lists in various forms such as ‘Tallowate’ or ‘Hydrogenated Tallow Acid’ etc. Tallow is simply boiled animal fat (usually cow). For many, the thought alone of cleansing yourself with cow fat is enough to gross someone out. Why would they include that? Well, to make soap, a fatty acid such as fat or oil and an alkaline (lye) made from wood ash is combined to create the familiar salt that we call soap. The true question is why THAT fat? From the beginning of soap making history it was simply how the job was done in 3000 bc by the Ancient Mesopatamians. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that plant oils made their soap debut. Even still, soap was quite repulsive and mostly used to clean linens. Finally, due to shortages caused by WWI and WWII scientists developed synthetic, lab engineered alternatives that mimic Earth’s natural fats and produce a much stronger cleanse at a very cheap cost. Introducing... SLS.


sls toxic chemical

The first ingredient after water in your toothpaste, dish, laundry, body, face, hair, or hand soap is most commonly Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It’s even in the cosmetics that claim to be plant based and safe. The question is what do we consider safe? SLS is the cheapest synthetic (made by chemical synthesis, especially to imitate a natural product) surfactant (reduces surface tension by forming bubbles) out there and the easiest way to form suds. It is known to be the harshest surfactant option when applied topically for a prolonged time as it can irritate the skin, scalp, or eyes, not to mention its animal tested and manufactured using Earth’s enemy, petroleum. 

Nowadays, when we see bubbles, we think clean! The more bubbles, the more clean. But in reality, bubbles do not correlate at all with the strength of a cleanser. All bubbles do is  show how hydrophilic (attracted to water) and hydrophobic (not attracted to water) the solution is. A bubble is a thin film of the soap solution trapping air inside. That is all. 

The cosmetic industry takes advantage of this mentality we’ve grown accustomed to and sells us a solution of water with super harsh synthetic bubbles and call it safe… as long as you quickly wash it off. 

SLS is NOT needed in a soap recipe because soap is a natural surfactant formed by oils saponifying (turning into soap). 


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