Nourishing From Without: Feed Your Body with Effervesce

Nourishing From Without: Feed Your Body with Effervesce

How much time do you spend thinking about your skin? Looks aside, your skin is the largest organ of the body and performs essential roles for overall well being. Skin is like a gateway to the rest of the body: some things get let in, other things are kept out. 

In the overall picture of health, genetics, the foods we eat, and the environment we’re in all impact this picture, and so will the substances that are absorbed through our outermost layer. 

A closed rectangular wooden gateway surrounded by ivy

So what if we think of our personal care products as… FOOD! Just like the growl of a tummy communicates hunger for food, experiences such as redness of the skin, depressed mood, trouble sleeping, or aches and pains can be the body’s way of communicating other needs. 

Our joy at Effervesce is to provide you with options for feeding your body exactly what it needs using only naturally-occurring materials sourced directly from plants! (And sometimes help from the bees, for beeswax and honey in certain items.)

For as far back as we can discover, humans have relied on the beneficial properties of plants to support and improve daily life. Our recipes are focused toward powerfully effective herbal ingredients that are also gentle enough for everybody, even those of us living with higher sensitivities. We list all of our ingredients for you so that you can make the most informed decision of what you feed your skin.

If you’re loving this idea of feeding your body only the things it needs, and none of what it doesn’t, we have discounted sets available to ease the transition and stock you up with goodness. Purchasing Effervesce products in this way is a great option for households or groups of friends to embark on this all-natural journey together. Bulk pricing and custom orders are also available! Inquiries can be made here.


Purposes: Soothing to all aspects of being; moisturize dry skin; relieve effects of sunburn, rash, bug bites, acne; absorb unwanted moisture; cleanse & deodorize; reduce pains; promote body’s natural process of regeneration; mommy-and-me bonding, safe for newborn babies



Purposes: Daily use personal items free from synthetic chemicals; engage your senses with bubbly butter baths, aromatherapy, textures; cleanse & moisturize skin and hair; exfoliate lips, face, and body; selection seasonally themed essential oil blends; intentional self-care, you are worth it <3



Purposes: Powerful cleansing and stain removal without harsh chemicals; good for laundry, dishwashers, floors, and anything else in your life that needs to be clean!



Reducing the chemicals out of our lives is a huge prospect, and if you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Change doesn’t happen all at once! It’s helpful at first to focus on one small piece and go from there. Think of one item you use every day (such as tooth paste, lotion, or shampoo) and consider replacing it with PowerPaste, All-Over Butter, or Bar Soap.



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