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Massage Candle - A Party in A Jar

Massage Candle - A Party in A Jar

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Ever rub candle-wax all over your body?

Time to give it a try!
These 2-in-1 lotion candles are made with skin-nourishing oils and butters that will not burn your skin.
Set the mood with this warmly lit candle and pour the melted wax and oil solution into your hands to apply to your skin as a lotion. It will leave your skin hydrated, with a lovely scent, a moisture protective barrier, and a slight shimmer.

Benefits of Beeswax Candles:

  • 100% Paraben Free
  • Purifies the Air
  • Less smoke / soot
  • Incredibly Long Lasting
  • Promotes feelings of well being
  • Essential Oil aromatherapy benefits of your choice


Choose between two lovely scents:


This massage candle is infused with the easy and uplifting qualities of lemongrass. Lemongrass is known for its purifying properties that leaves skin feeling detoxified and clear.


Royal Rose

This aroma session is infused with the easy and uplifting qualities of the rose. This familiar flower is known as a symbol of beauty, and also holds potent herbal powers. Believed to alleviate irritability, exhaustion, and feelings of gloom, the spirit of the rose fits right in with the intentional comfort of your self-care routine.


How To Use:

Light the wick from the base (think about melting the wax with the flame). Allow the wax to pool to the edges of the glass before extinguishing flame, if possible. This aids in a more even burn. To extinguish with the least possible soot, use a utensil to dip the wick into the melted wax instead of blowing out. 

Care Tip:
Keep wick length at ¼ inch. (Only trim when flame is out and wick is room temperature)
All-Natural Ingredients:
Ethically Sourced Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Hemp Wick, Your choice of Essential Oils.
*Use CAUTION when pouring wax onto your body, it may be HOT.*
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Customer Reviews

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Massage Candles are Perfect Gifts

I've used the massage candles for my personal spa day experiences and love them! It took me a minute to grasp the thought of using it for massage and when I massaged my hands it was wonderful!
So this Christmas, I bought 6 more and gifted them to my kid's teachers. They deserve the same luxurious experience!