Connecting Through the Senses - A 5* Minute Self Care Routine

Connecting Through the Senses - A 5* Minute Self Care Routine

When it comes to connecting with and honoring our bodies, the world we live in often gets in the way. Media portrayals, social pressures, and the demands of school or work life may all push us toward objectifying our bodies and ignoring some of our most basic needs.

So how do we reject and reverse this effect the world can have on our connection to self? While the path is different for everyone, the importance of practicing embodiment is universal. How you go about this is up to you – and we’re here to help with a 5 minute routine that you can adapt and personalize to your unique perspective. 

Embodiment can be practiced in an infinite variety of ways, through the magic of engaging with our senses. As it turns out, humans have more senses than the original 5 we were taught as children: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. We’ll be working with a few of these 5 senses in our exercise, but if you’re curious about the others, there are links at the bottom for you to peek at!

Engaging mindfully with our senses is a way of “putting ourselves in our bodies. It’s the opposite of ignoring physical cues for hunger, tiredness, or using the bathroom, perpetually pushing through the stress brought on by daily workloads, or otherwise ignoring our feelings and emotions. 

Being in our bodies can feel uncomfortable, even painful at times. But it can also be powerfully healing. Comfort, peace, calm, joy, pleasure, and safety are all to be found in the body if we provide ourselves the patience and time to settle in.

Are you ready to give it a try?

5* Minutes to Self-Connection
Step 1 - Orientation:
Sit in front of your candle and begin to settle in to the moment. We suggest taking a deep breath, noticing the places you come in contact with the ground or other surfaces. Of course, any process you use for grounding will work beautifully. 
When you feel ready, light the flame. 
Step 2 - Sight:
Gaze at the flame and allow yourself to breathe naturally. Notice how the cycle of breathing feels as your lungs continue to fill and empty of air.
Step 3 - Smell:
With your eyes open or closed, tune your attention to the smell of your candle. Does this smell bring up any associations, sensations, or emotions for you?
Step 4 - Touch:
If you are enjoying a Bee-Pure Candle, cup your hands near the flame and focus on the warmth you feel. Breathe deeply and as you exhale, imagining yourself melting like beeswax into the earth.
If you are using a Massage Candle, prepare yourself for the lotion by taking a relaxed breath in and out. Tip the wax onto your hand, or directly onto any area you wish to massage. Tune your focus on the feeling of massaging the lotion into your skin. We suggest imagining that you are channeling love and kindness through your hands.
Step 5 - Closing: To end the practice, take a deep breath and blow out your candle. Saying a thank-you or something else kind to yourself as you do so can help set the tone for the rest of your day.


*This self-care routine is extremely customizable! We suggest a 5 minute timeframe, but make it yours! Whether it’s 30 seconds or 3 hours, you can make changes to this practice so it is perfectly supportive of your needs on any given day. If you wish, incorporate other elements that matter to you, such as mantras you love or movements that feel good in your body.

From all of us at Effervesce, cheers to you and your journey of wellness!


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