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All Purpose Household Cleanser - 100% Coconut Oil

All Purpose Household Cleanser - 100% Coconut Oil

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8 oz Jumbo Bar!

This ONE product can do it ALL:

- Degrease Dishes
- Remove Stains
- Clean Surfaces
- Laundry Detergent
Feel safe entrusting the natural cleansing properties of Coconut Oil to your home. 
No Mystery and No Threat!
This all natural soap is made with 100% Coconut Oil soap base and scented with the Essential Oil of your choice... THAT'S IT!
How To Use:
Surfaces: Work up a lather using a sponge or cloth with water. 
Laundry: Shred this bar and use it as a laundry detergent. 
Stains: On fabrics, scrub bar directly onto stained area before washing to remove stains. Or even melt a piece of the bar down and add it to a spray bottle with 5 parts water for all over application!
Good for 60 uses or more!
All Natural Ingredients:
 Saponified Coconut Oil, Essential Oil


Bar Qualities 0-5:
Hardness: 5
Cleansing: 5
Conditioning: 0
Bubbly: 5
Creamy: 4
Exfoliating: 0


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Customer Reviews

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Easy to use

I got this originally just to wash dishes (which it is amazing for). But I tried chopping a bit off and putting it in a spray bottle for every surface in the house and loved it (I'm going to get the liquid soap next). I use this on counters, desktops, bookshelves, etc.