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All Purpose Power Pack - Household Cleaning Set

All Purpose Power Pack - Household Cleaning Set

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Power Pack takes Clean Living to a whole new level!

Say Goodbye to:

Toxic Chemicals
Plastic Waste
Large Heavy Bottles
Not enough storage space
Over-bearing Fragrances
Irritated Skin
Soap Scum Stains
Unclean Laundry and Dishes!


Say Hello to:

1-3 Natural & Simple Ingredients
No Waste Living
Plenty of Storage Space
Lovely Essential Oils
Safe and Clean Laundry and Dishes


Power Pack Includes:

Laundry and Dish Detergent - 32 oz


A Potent All Purpose Household Cleaner - 16 oz
Dilute and use for surfaces, mopping, dishes, laundry and more. 


8 oz
Great for degreasing dishes and removing surface and fabric stains.


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