Coffee Oatmeal  - Exfoliating Soap - 5oz

Coffee Oatmeal - Exfoliating Soap - 5oz

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Exfoliating Soap

Moisturize, Appearance of Evening Skin Tone, Eliminate Odor
Exfoliation Level: Medium - Strong

How To Use:
Touch bar directly to skin and gently rub all over body or face! It will work up a conditioning lather while removing dead skin cells. You can also rub bar into a washcloth first for a more gentle exfoliation. Rinse off. Enjoy your moisturized, clean skin! 
Care Tip:
 Place the bar on our soap saver to increase the amount of uses. 
It is recommended to exfoliate 2-3x/week and always follow up with a cream to protect the skin’s mantle and retain moisture.
Use for up to 3 months!
All-Natural Ingredients:
 Olive oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Oats, and Coffee

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Bar Qualities 0-5:

Hardness: 3

Cleansing: 3

Conditioning: 3

Bubbly: 3

Creamy: 4

Exfoliating: 4.5

Scent Strength: 1

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