Comfort Cream - For Muscles, Joints, Bruising
Comfort Cream - For Muscles, Joints, Bruising

Comfort Cream - For Muscles, Joints, Bruising

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Minor Injury, Overextend, Active or Fall?

Reduce the appearances of bruising, pain, or swelling.

Experience ease and peace.

This featherweight cream is specifically formulated with just 9 natural plant-based ingredients that soothe.

It works as a natural skin conditioner while you actively nourish and comfort your body! 

How to use: 

Apply to the area where you desire relief and comfort. Massage into the area as needed. Drink lots of water and breathe deeply.

 About the ingredients:

Shea Butter, Hempseed Oil, Castor Oil, Essential Oils (Clove & Eucalyptus or Lemongrass), Arnica Powder, Cramp Bark, Aloe Vera Powder, Beeswax


Shea Butter:

Raw Ivory Unrefined

Sourced from Ghanna, used on human bodies for millennia, Shea does not clog pores or feel greasy as it seeps into you skin and provides a moisture protecting barrier. Historically, it's been used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and cracked skin.


Hemp Seed Oil:

This is one of the most gentle oils out there known for being high in Vitamin E, Omega Fatty Acids, Non Comedogenic, and Soothing effects! I know some of you may be wondering.... NO! IT WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH! Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds and has no THC (a psychoactive ingredient).


This powerfully supportive flower is in the Sunflower family and has been used for centuries to relieve the body from trauma. Historically, it's been used to reduce the appearance of bruising and swelling.

Cramp Bark:

This flowering shrub is named for it's specialty: cramps! It's used to relieve menstrual and muscle cramping.




*Note: Shipping from Las Vegas in over 100 degree weather has it's challenges when it comes to butter based products. See "Whipped Butter in the Summer" image above for details.*

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