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All Over Whipped Butter - Travel Size - Sample Sets

All Over Whipped Butter - Travel Size - Sample Sets

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Try all 5 Flavors of our #1 Seller!

Get a reusable 2 oz Travel Tin in each scent.

  • Lemongrass 
  • Rosemary & Lavender
  • Tea Tree & Peppermint
  • Orange & Eucalyptus 
  •  Cedar & Pine

Available option to order 5 tins in one flavor.

Moisturize, Renew, Protect 

Tired of needing a billion products in your beauty routine?
All-Over Whipped Butter is your one-step solution to complete moisture and protection for face, hair, and body.
Filled with nutrients your body will enjoy soaking up.
How To Use: Extract desired amount and slowly lather using the warmth of hands to melt butter. Allow small bits to soak in over time and leave you luxuriously moisturized.
Care Tip: Avoid leaving butters in hot temperatures as the butter may melt. Your butter will still have all its wonderful properties except for the whipped consistency. Feel free to use your butter as normal, or refer to the "Whipped Butters in Summer" image on this page to learn how to restore the whipped consistency. 
Thank yourself for treating your body with the love and kindness it deserves with this naturally luxurious whipped butter.  

All Natural Ingredients:
Raw Organic Unrefined, Shea Butter, Grape-seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, and your choice of Essential Oil.


Each essential oil will play a role in mood enhancement or aid in skin ailments.

- Orange & Eucalyptus/ Lemongrass-Uplifting

- Rosemary & Lavender- Calming/ Soothing

- Tea Tree & Peppermint- Supportive of Acne or Oily Prone Skin or Flaky Scalp

- Cedar & Pine- Soothing

- Royal Rose- Notarized for improving the appearance of Texture and Tone.


*Note: Shipping from Las Vegas in over 100 degree weather has its challenges when it comes to butter based products. See "Whipped Butter in the Summer'' image above for details.*

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect product, Perfect size!

I have used all over butter for a year, and I finally found the size that fits in my coat pocket and purse. This is a great way to trial all the scents and to gift a sample to friends.