Sugar Wax - Full Set
Sugar Wax - Full Set
Sugar Wax - Full Set
Sugar Wax - Full Set
Effervesce. Its Just Bubbles

Sugar Wax - Full Set

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Set Includes:


For anywhere you have hair!

Face, Brows, Arms, Chest, Legs, Belly, Back, Bikini, Brazilian


It's recommended to exfoliate a day before hair removal to uplift ingrown hairs for a smoother wax experience.


For oily or sweaty areas, prep the skin with our gentle and soothing Herbal Clay Powder to soak up excess oils. The wax will stick even better!



Condition and sooth your body post wax with your choice of our luxurious moisturizers.


‣ Wax Tool Kit

Cotton Strips and Bamboo Sticks can make waxing a breeze on otherwise difficult areas.


How to use:

  1. Prep area: wash to remove excess oils from skin then dust with any powder. (Corn starch, arrowroot powder, bentonite clay... etc.)
  2. Use hands or provided bamboo sticks to scoop out of jar.
  3. Stretch and kneed in hands a few times.
  4. Apply in the opposite direction of hair growth. Press and drag 3-4 times to "mold" to hair.
  5. Grip and pull with a flick to remove in the same direction of hair growth parallel to skin. Repeat.

 Pro Tips:

  1. Exfoliate area 24 hours prior to free ingrown hairs.
  2. Best to do when hair is between 1/4 and 1/2 inches long.
  3. Can be applied with hands or using bamboo stick for smaller areas.
  4. Can also be softened by slightly heating before application, spread onto skin in a thin layer, then removed with any cotton cloth or "wax strip" as in traditional waxing.
  5. For more effective and less painful removal, pull skin taut using an unoccupied hand as you rip off wax and place pressure on the area for a moment immediately after.

*The same piece can be reused multiple times until the consistency becomes too soft. 

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